1. Buy coconut  as many as you want

2. Slice the coconut into smaller pieces and blend or grind ..ensure it is smooth.

3. Boil water depending on the number of coconut …10 coconut=1 and half small paint rubber of water…
4.pour the hot water in the blended coconut and stir till its smooth..

5. Filter the chaff ,and separate the milk from the chaff.

6 . Store d coconut milk in a fridge overnight or store it in a cool place..

7.  The milk will separate from the fat by next day forming a cake on the milk…Just pick the cake and place on a pot..

8. Using minimum heat,heat d fat and continue to stir so that it wil not burn …
9.  As u continue to stir,d oil will form and leave d chaff.
10. Bring it down ,allow to cool,and filter separate ur pure oil.


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