1st Method

Recipe you need next

  • one pot

  • one vegetable broth cube
  •  two green peppers
  • one small cabbage
  •  one bunch of celery
  • two tomatoes 
  • six average onions

 Steps to prepare a vegetable soup for weight loss

  •  cut all the vegetables into the average size
  •  fill the pot with water
  • fill the pot with vegetables
  • season the pot with salt and pepper
  •  if you want some extra taste – add spicy sauce
  •  boil the pot for ten minutes
  • continue to cook on a low flame until the vegetables become soft

 You can eat this soup whenever you see fit.

 It adds very little calories – that’s why it’s perfect for weight loss.

 2nd Method


  • chicken bones
  •  bell peppers
  • one cabbage
  • spinach

Cooking steps

  • boil the chicken bones in a small pot
  •  cut cabbage and bell peppers
  • add the mix to the pot
  • add spinach

serve hot

If you want something more pro with vegetable soup recipe, then try to check this top five vegetable soups for weight loss

3rd Method


  • Salt
  • Two tablespoons of minced garlic
  •  Two cups chopped leeks
  • Three tablespoons of sun oil
  •  Two cups peeled and chopped carrots
  • Four cups of pilled and chopped tomatoes
  • Two cups of peeled and chopped potatoes
  • Two cups of green beans
  •  Two ears corn
  • A quarter of chopped parsley leaves
  • A half of tablespoon black pepper
  • Two teaspoons of lemon juice, freshly squeezed.


  • Use a heavy-bottomed stockpot to heat the sun oil with medium heat settings. 

  • When it`s hot, add a pinch of salt, garlic, and the leeks. Boil them for seven-eight minutes until they begin to soften. 

  • Then add the green beans, potatoes, carrots and continue to cook for five more minutes. 

Do not forget to stir the vegetable soup. Five minutes later, add the stock and increase the heat to the high level. 

  • Add the simmer, corn kernels, tomatoes, and pepper. 

  • Reduce the heat to the low level and stir the vegetables. Continue to cook the vegetables until they become a fork tender.

 It consumes around twenty-thirty minutes. After that, remove the pot from the heat and add lemon juice and parsley. Season the vegetable soup with salt and serve right away!


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