Filet that aloe vera leaf like you would a fish! You want to get to the center of your aloe vera leaf.
Remove the slimy, clear gel-like substance (called aloe gel, if you want to get technical). Avoid accidentally picking up any yellow part, which is usually found just below the skin of the leaf. You don’t want that: you want what is in the middle!

Add aloe gel to a bowl with some coconut oil, and mix until the gel is completely covered in oil. If needed, add more coconut oil!
Let the mixture stand for 2 or 3 days.

Turn up the heat! After you let your aloe gel/coconut oil mixture rest for 2-3 days, heat it on the stove top for anywhere between 10-15 minutes. Keep the flame low, and stir frequently to ensure your gel does not burn (you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste!). Another way to determine how long to let your mixture sit on the flame is to listen to the sound it makes. When the popping sound of the heating oil stops, shut that heat off!
Hands off! Let your mixture cool down!

When room temperature, strain the oil to get any aloe vera gel pieces out. Pour the liquid into a bottle. It is ready for use!


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