Yabatech student wrongly accused of stealing, brutalized with red hot soldering iron

According to Abimbola, a friend to the victim, simply identified as Tosin Mathew, the incident happened on Saturday night. She wrote: “Thing’s are really happening in higher institutions of nowadays.
So an ND 1 student of Accountancy Department, Yabatech, was thoroughly brutalised by some heartless final year students of the school. He was falsely accused of stealing their shirts, which a lot of people testified to be false.
The so called final year students dragged him to their hostel room, formed a gathering round him and started hitting him with plank, pipe and all. Just for one of them to bring out a SOLDERING IRON, plug it, for it to be hot, and started using it on his body.

This is really an injustice and needs to be taken to the highest level of justice. These so called guys are said to be in Electrical Department of the school. They turned the poor boy’s body to circuit and started soldering it.

Please when you see this pass it around till it gets to the highest authority. The school is said to be handling the case, but nothing has been done to the guys till now. The incident happened saturday night.”


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