Last week, the Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode revealed the direction his administration is headed during the year.  The Governor touched on many issues, ranging from his Bus Reform Initiative whereby the Yellow Buses popularly called Danfos will give way for a well-structured, efficient and effective world class public transportation system, the bank of commercial motorcycles otherwise known as Okada and tricycle, as well as the Cleaner Lagos Initiative, among other germane issues. EXCERPTS:

Your Bus Reform Initiative looks quite ambitious. What is the cost implication? How do you intend to finance it?

Generally, for Lagos to thrive, you need an effective integrated public transportation management system. It is very clear that one of the things that this government has decided to take on is whenever we want to deal with any issue, we want to accept first what are the deficiencies. It is only when I accept what the deficiencies are that I start to process how I will give solutions.

So, one of the things you see in Lagos is that connectivity is a major challenge to Lagosians. Yes, we have almost 23 million people; we have 11 million people moving almost every moment within the ambit of Lagos and you are wondering about 6 million of them move by walking. 


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