Friends and colleagues of an Air Force personnel allegedly shot and killed by her jealous lover have expressed their shock and sadness at the incident.

Oladipupo Solape, referred to as Shomzy Shomzy by friends and colleagues, was allegedly killed on Sunday morning at the Air Force Base in Makurdi.

Her shocked friends and colleagues have taken to the social media to mourn her.

One of them wrote on Facebook, “R.I.P Shomzy shomzy your death is some thing I can’t forget so easily because your military plans is still in your mind. Well I can’t continue crying my dear, all I have to do is to let go of what I can’t change.”

Another friend shared a screengrab of his last Whatsapp chat with her along with the message, indicating she would be missed.

He wrote, “R.I.P my dear FRD it really hurt me I am sad I remember Tuesday or Wednesday that we chat last around 12:30. When we start cutting, you promised to come on my junior brother birthday in July and you said you are in Makurdi right now and I prayed for you. And you told me God is ur strength.  

” Almighty God my friend have faith in you and u can’t protect her crying crying. We love you but Almighty God love u most my Facebook daughter I won’t forget ur memory. love u. Oladipupo Solape and now Shomzy Shomzy I miss you “



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