Miss Justina Dusu, 27, who was allegedly brutalised and her sister, Simi, killed by her boyfriend, Stephen Luka, for refusing to abort her pregnancy, has been delivered of a baby boy.
Luka is currently facing charges of murder, attempted murder, assault and sexual abuse at a Jos High Court. Justina said, “I have put to bed and I am very happy; I love my child so much in spite of what happened.
He is innocent and I cannot extend my anger to him.” The accused was alleged to have attacked the two sisters on July 27, 2016, at his home in Sabon Gari, Tudun Wada, Jos, after they went to confront him over Justina’s pregnancy.
Luka, who accepted responsibility for the pregnancy, however, suggested an abortion, an idea Justina and her sister flatly rejected. An angry Luka was said to have lost his cool and used a machete on both sisters, resulting in Simi’s death, while Justina lost her left eye in addition to severe injuries on her body.
Justina, who appeared very happy and at peace with herself, said that her son did not commit a crime to be hated by her. She said, “I am very happy that I put to bed safely. I love my son very much. He has not done anything to me.
He is innocent and I can’t hate him. “I have put the past behind me. I don’t want to remember the horrible things that happened to me and my sister. When I look at my child, I feel happy.”
Justina, however, maintained that she and her family wanted justice and the appropriate punishment is given to Luka. “I have forgiven Luka over what he did to me and my sister, but I need justice.
Justice must be served and he must be punished for his actions. He humiliated me and my family and I can’t take it. He must be punished,” she said. Crdt: Punchng


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