Is it true that when President Buhari is far away in the United Kingdom, Naira is transformed? 

Victor Marcus, a member of the PDP Youth Frontier, examines in short details, that which has changed while President Buhari is away, opining that the president’s absence is in the best interest of the Nigerian people.

I never believe that all of you will agree with me but some of you will because life is a choice, you either stand for good or evil.

We believe we could all make a difference with our little effort in our chosen means.

Some  Nigerians will agree with me that the absence of our number one citizen has not only brought about tranquility but has in the same time brings transformation and development.

Opinion: Nigerians must know how Buhari’s absence is contributing to the growth Of the naira
For example:

1. The appointment of the Chief Justice of the federation.

2. Ordering of relocation of oil company headquarter to the oil rich region.

3. The travel of the acting president to different communities in search of solutions to our quagmire.

4. Halting of fulani herdsmen attack.

5. The growth of Naira from N520 down to N430.

6. The complete payment of all states allocation including Ekiti state.

7. The surprising visit of Apc caucus members to opposition governors.


I strongly believe that if the president stays more longer in London that Nigeria will in a twinkle of an turns to Dubai or even China!

So therefore, we ask that no patriotic Nigerian should by any means pray for the return of the president so soon.


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