Mr and Mrs Indimi

Months after a wedding, butterflies are still finding its way to your stomach when you meet the gaze of that special someone. This is same for every couple who married out of genuine love and affection and it is not different for the billionaire son and president’s daughter; Ahmed Indimi and Zahra Buhari.
Zahra and Ahmed celebrated their love infront of family and friends on December 16, 2016. Few months after their day and we still can’t get enough of how gorgeous this young couple looked.

With new photos surfacing, Zahra and Ahmed not only had an amazing wedding ceremony but are also enjoying their sweet and rich life together.

Like us, we are sure Zahra wants to go back to this day because if it can make us feel so good, how must she have felt? Here are some of the photos that make us wish we could be Zahra just for a day.

1. Champagne gold, red roses = class

2. Genuine happiness

3. Halle Berry look alike

4. Blue is for gods

5. Special gaze

6. In your arms, I see heaven


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