A man, identified as Ada Kole, reportedly killed himself in Kubwa, Abuja, on Monday after he was said to have lost N750, 000 to the popular ponzi scheme, MMM, in December last year.
Kole was said to have drank insecticide in December 2016 following the crash of the MMM scheme. He reportedly drank the insecticide last year before he died on Monday.
It was gathered that Kole was scheduled to go to the altar last December but the wedding was shifted till May 2017.
Nigerians have reacted to his death in various ways. One Facebook user said: “MMM says don’t participate with all your money but your spare money. Why would he put is life saving.”
“We warned them, they refused to listen, we told them it is haram, they said we are too religious, we adviced them it is sin in the sight of God as the scheme is rubbing Peter to pay Paul, they said they are providing help to others.

“Now the burble has busted. For all those that benefited from MMM you contributed to the death of Kole either directly or indirectly. May God have mercy on him.”

Yet another said MMM was deceiving gullible Nigerians: “MMM is getting back to normal, time to invest and invite friends.
“That’s what they get instead of their monies. Where are those screaming MMM for life? I dey laugh from London!”
Another gave practical advice: “He’s family should make sure they get his username and password on mmm and also get his phone number on incase he’s marge to be paid!”
One particularly harsh Facebook comment was this: “You are very stupid are u the only one affected by mmm now u have poisoned yourself still yet you haven’t gotten back your money.”


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