pastor holding a bible. (Newsbite)
The pastor was exposed after a church member found out that he was having an affair with her friend.

A Lagos pastor, Ken Egbule, of the City of Dominion Deliverance Ministry, has been dismissed by the church due to his philandering with female worshippers.
In addition to this, Egbule was also accused of collecting a fee from members of the church who required special prayer.

“Some of these women also came to testify and confessed of their encounter with Egbule and how he had also tricked them to part with money as prayer fees.

“He was sacked and his dismissal was announced to the entire congregation during last Sunday service,” the General Overseer, Pastor Mrs. Mary- Sherry Osakwe told the PM Express.

The church head did not give the pastor an opportunity to correct his way as harboring him within the ministry will lead to a bad representation.

“Egbule did not only have issues with those female members of the church, we were not happy that he had been tricking them to part with money for prayer.

“Keeping such character in the church will not be in the interest of the members and the entire church.

“The case of sexual assault has been reported to the police,” the G.O added.

The news concerning the incident came to light following a fight between him and one of his flings, Ada, who also worships at the church.

The latter reportedly caught the pastor with her friend during a visit to his residence.


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