A middle-aged man, Oluwaseyi Oyeleye, on Friday pleaded with an Agege Customary Court in Lagos State, to dissolve his six-year-old marriage to his wife, Titilayo, over her alleged arrogance and for not being submissive.
The union, which was consummated in 2011 in Lagos, had been blessed with two children.
Oluwaseyi, a technician of No.3, Oluwakemi St., Ojodu Abiodun, Lagos, alleged that the respondent was troublesome.
He said, “She was not submissive to me and was not taking proper care of me and our two children as a wife and mother.
“My wife lacks respect; she is stubborn, arrogant and not submissive. She is too full of herself.
“She complains about my meagre salary; keeps provoking and insulting me at any slightest opportunity, that I am not responsible.
“On several occasions in the past, l had reported her attitudes toward me to her parents. I later realised that they were in support of her actions instead of calling her to order.
“Whenever there is any misunderstanding between us, she picks the phone and reports to her mother.
“For a month, we were not talking to each other and she did not allow me to touch her then.
“Somebody that did not allow me to touch, would such person permit me to have sexual intercourse with her?
“There has been no peace in this marriage; we live like cat and rat, she stopped cooking for me for over a year now.
“She packed out of her matrimonial home in December 2015. Lately, l got to know she had rented an apartment and was alleged to be dating another man.
“I don’t love her anymore.”
He pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage saying, “I am no longer interested in the union’’.
However, Titilayo, the respondent, denied all the allegations levelled against her by her estranged husband.
The 31-year-old petty trader and a resident of No. 3 Akute-Odo, Akute in Ogun, said her husband had turned her into a punching bag.
She said, “He beats me, after which he will still be claiming that he has not started dealing with me.
“My husband does not allow me to sleep on our matrimonial bed, he orders me to sleep on the floor.”
According to the respondent who described the petitioner as ‘insecure’ said that he complains a lot.
“Whenever l dress up to go out, he complains about my dressing; and most times he will not allow me to step out of the house.”
She alleged that her husband had since stopped being responsible for her and the children’s upkeep.
Titilayo said that she had to pack out of her matrimonial home without her husband’s knowledge when the beatings and problems from her husband became unbearable for her.
The respondent, however, agreed to the dissolution of the union between them.
The president of the court, Phillips Williams, referred the couple to the Alternative Dispute Resolution office for possible settlement.
Williams said the couple should appear before the ADR members on Feb. 21, while he adjourned the case to March 7 for further hearing.


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