Lawrence Loye has been disturbing the peace of Ijebu-Jesa town in Osun State by carrying rumors on social media because he wanted to become the king when the recent king Taiwo Aribisala Elegboro OF Ijebu-Jesa land is still alive,  here is the reply to him from a bona fide daughter of Ijebu-Jesa.

When ELEDUMARE assigned you for project to do IDIOT like u Lawrence LOYE,find out your facts and make ur facts to be correct or else you will go n tender your facts in the court.You are collecting and collating ur facts from idiots like you.Why are u being personal?Why are u disturbing the peace of this town?ldi lroko oja a bi o lere.Instead of you to enjoy ur retirement as soidier in peace,you are incurring courses  over urself.lnnitially,you came as a responsible being n pretended you were a PROGRESIVE and patriotic person ,ñow your hidden agenda is exposed.You are now a nuisance  within n even outside your base.
Hear me very well,you are the son of EMESE of AROJOJOYE 2.lf l were you,the akoko leaves you are known for,you start to water it so that it does dry before the next assignment. There is no iota truth in a NUISANCE like u LAWRENCE.lf l were you,l will go and take care of my home very well.
Have u forgotten that a person who can not handle his home, is not fit to rule a decent town .You are with the 3rd wife now,you always beat your wives to topour and they will leave you,you are so aggressive ,arrogant, uncultured and you lack  respect for others.
Political touts  and ingrates like u planned to burn High Chief Dele Faseru property down in 1983,but as God wud have it ,they all  met their water loo at Agboja when  “kill and go” opened fire on them.Some died while others sustained injury.LAWRENCE, ask the people that are alive amongst them to tell u the story,lf you don’t know my father was not in the town and no mobile phone like this to communicate for such quick arragement at  that time

If u are not a bastard to the core,you will not open ur mouth n be confrontational with a man of 80+.Me ro o o fe dagba.O Ku Ku ni agba ni ile.lgbati lo ma n fi ji Yeye re lararo.
Do you know EMESE under Baba Arojojoye 2 wanted to pay the school fee of one of u and this prompted Arojojoye 2 to solicit funds from Chief Ayo Faseru (blessed memory) as loan and when he could not refunnd  he had to give  2 plots of land in exchange of the borrowed money.The land my father(High Chief Oladele) had his building on, was sold to him by MR S A OLUYEMI with a receipt,that land you have ur building is from ur father MR AKINOLA LOYE.You bought some lands from some family through falsehood under the pretence that you wanted to establish university.
Oju o ti o.O ye ko Faso boju,o ti min yan kalu.Oshimole regime disgraced u with  handcuffs and later disgraced out of office as permanent secretary  with  dismissal as a result of  your arrogance and corruption .You are a disgrace, defiant and unfit for a decent community.You behave like a TOUT all the time.You always gate crash in every parties even wen not invited ,just because u want to be seen.
Even if you want to achieve a goal,must u be rude?BE CIVIL!You can never buy High Chief Dele Faseru over because of your stupid goal.You always buy people of no integrity with ur dangling rotten carrots.No wonder!you gather some defiants like u by buying  their conscience .Remember when  my father wanted to celebrate his 80th birthday,you wanted to buy him over but he turned u down, as if he knew you are a callous and stupid fellow  .Go to ur drawing board and ask from ur informants very well,my father is not creedy like u.My father never collected provision from anybody, when he was a President of customary court.Even big wig politicians will come with money and  he will turn them down .So……..
Instead of you to take care of ur mum who ur hard slapping had disconnected her brain organs ,you are busy insulting elders.Do u think you can buy obaship when your records are not clean.Abere re ki o GBA ni soilder,o mi ti o gbon gbon.
Huuuu.LAWRENCE LOYE, High Chief Dele Faseru has been elevated to ODOFIN of ljebu jesa.So go and hang urself or u can as well hug transformer or naked wire .
You are empty vessel LAWRENCE LOYE. Faseru family is from lgede at Ogbon lloro of ljebu jesa.As Obarisa is from lgede.instead of u to sit ur elders in ur house down,you like slapping them with ur both hands.Omo lasan ekeji aja.A Ku Ku bi she San rada rada.Omo eru ko fe joba Lori hinan yesi?E possible.
The llare now came down to settle at odo oja when Arojojoye 2 gave them a farm yard.
Ilare gave birth to six or seven children namely:

Akintokun as the Dawodu

Mother of Onajides as the bere.



Oworu a female while the last born is Balogun.Because of the large family,Faseru later went to ldi isin at odo oja too.lf u are Omo oko, you will know idi is in the same compound but a little further.
Faseru gave birth to children namely;Farinobi,John,Mattehew, Mariani and two other females. The last three died while the first three survived.
Farinobi later gave birth to many children namely:

Chief Ayo Faseru late

Mrs Aduke Obatunde

Mr Soko Faseru late

Mrs Morandehun

Mrs Remi Arowobusoye late

Chief Dele Faseru

Mrs Babalade Komolafe.
After a while,he went for osomalo at a village near Abeokuta.
Farinobi passed out when Chief Dele Faseru was 4 yr old.
And the mother single handedly trained the children.
Himself n Senior brother grew up with the Fanimokuns at Ogbon lloro.
Estranged LAWRENCE LOYE, !!!you paid some lunatics like u to get life out of Chief Dele Faseru,won bi iyalaya porin   baba NLA yin da. 
You don’t respect the culture and u want alale ko gbe is not possible. We learnt that on 31st of DEC, u brought drummers from Owo to perform rituals to the ancient town of ljebu jesa. Is it our culture?No etiquette ,u are  sure a disgrace to ur generation. If you were to be a regent like the High chief Dele, you will not religuish the throne as he did under 1 year . OLE.
Oun Dada o wu o.No wonder each time there is forum of EMESES lafin u are always there,cos u are  one of them,you will be taking photos with the traditional ruler and claiming Royal blood passes  through ur veins.IDIOT!!!!!!!
Ke ke ke!!!Erin pa mi!l can imagine you establish a university.What a legacy!


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